Friday, June 26, 2009

Update on Caden

I have been sick throughout most of June, so this post is a bit overdue. On June 12, Caden finished kindergarten. I can't believe how fast the school year flew by! We will really miss his teacher. She is such a great teacher and terrific person! Next year, she will be teaching sixth grade, and even though that will be a very different experience from kindergarten, I know that she will excel at it. Caden did a wonderful job in kindergarten- he is so smart, and he always got awards in math and reading. I loved helping out once a week in his class, and I quickly developed an affection for his classmates. One of my favorite memories is of Caden and some other friends playing Rock, Paper, Scissors at the lunch tables every day.

Now, here is some exciting news- Caden doesn't have to wear his eye patch any more! His left eye is no longer lazy, and he sees perfectly with his glasses on! He never complained about wearing the patch, even when it would leave raw patches on his skin when he pulled it off. We love Caden so much, and we are so proud of him!!!!