Sunday, October 30, 2011

Danica's First Day at Church

Our ward had their Primary program in Sacrament today, so in order for Tevye to be able to see the boys sing and give their talks, we decided that it was time to bring Danica to church. I had to play the piano and organ, so Danica couldn't stay home with me. The boys did a great job, as did the rest of the children. After sacrament, Aunt Calee and Uncle Tony took the baby and the diaper bag, and I didn't see her again until after church was over. Every time someone asked me where Danica was, I just told them where to find Calee, and there the baby would be, also. I was mostly excited to put Danica in a dress. When I saw this cute dress at Target, I couldn't resist buying it. She looks so cute!

Caden's First Pinewood Derby

Now that Caden is in Cub Scouts, he participated in his first pinewood derby race. Tevye helped him build the car. Caden picked out the design, sanded, and painted it. I think that Tevye was happy to have an excuse to buy new tools to construct the car. After a week of having all of the supplies and saw dust sitting on our kitchen table, I realized that we really need a garage for the boys to have a work space. Maybe someday.

The race was fun. Caden had a good time and was awarded the certificate for "Most battlefield ready" car. We look forward to many more races in the future.


After changing their minds several times, Caden and Vance finally decided on a Halloween costume. Here are my ninjas:

Our ward decided to have the Trunk-or-Treat on the 21st, so, once again, we have nothing to do on Halloween. Maybe we will find someone's neighborhood to trick-or-treat in. The ward party was good-like a big family home evening. A long table was loaded up with several trays of sweet treats, the young women set up cute decorations, and the children ran circles around each other in the cultural hall for the first hour. A few people signed up to participate in the talent show, and then we headed to the parking lot for the trunk-or-treating. Tevye had stayed home with Danica, so I took the boys. I really enjoyed visiting with our ward family.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Danica Jane Manchan
Born: October 10, 2011
7lbs. 9oz.
20 1/4"

She was nine days late, but well worth the wait. We are so happy to have Danica with us. Labor and delivery went quickly- we arrived at the hospital shortly after midnight, and she was born at 2:42AM. I think that she was born so fast because I was motivated by the pain and terrible heartburn to push her out as soon as possible. I am a strong advocate for drug-free deliveries, but they HURT A LOT! It is worth it, though. I was ready to come home later that day, but the pediatrician wanted her to stay until she ate a little more and pooped in her diaper. Apparently, Danica had a lot of amniotic fluid in her stomach, which kept her from wanting to eat. By the next morning, she was ready to come home.
She is a very sweet baby and cries only when hungry or getting her diaper changed. Smiles come easily to her. Caden and Vance are so good to her. Caden helps feed and burp her, and Vance brings over toys to "make her relax." I can't get them to change her diaper, though...ha ha! Tevye has been so helpful, and Danica adores him. I love sitting and snuggling with her. She is a lot tinier than I expected, but she has a healthy appetite.
I have recovered very quickly, which is good since Tevye was out of town last week. It feels so good to be able to move around and do things again. I was such a lump on the couch by the end of the pregnancy! Also, it is nice not to feel sick every day- not that I felt very sick, but I didn't feel 100%.
We want to say a big THANK YOU to Calee and my mom for helping with the boys when I was too big to do anything and when Danica was born!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Favorite Moment

I love my husband! He is such a fantastic father. Every now and then, he helps the boys make brownies, and I thought I would grad a few photos of that today. He is so patient with them and understands exactly what they can or cannot handle. These are great memories for the boys to have.

Mom's Birthday/ Baby Showers

Mom didn't eat that big dessert by herself.
On September 23rd, my mom celebrated her birthday. We were supposed to gather for a birthday lunch the next day with my sister and sis-in-law, but they changed it to a surprise baby shower instead. Some of you know that I have been avoiding having a shower, simply because we have no room for any more things. So, I am grateful that they kept it to just us. The four of us had a really nice lunch, and I enjoyed spending time with Emilia and Kim, which I don't get to do often. I made sure that we sang "Happy Birthday" to Mom, since it was supposed to be all about her.

Kim supplied our daughter with a good amount of animal print.

Emilia also spoiled her with adorable outfits, including this purple corduroy dress- I wish they made them in my size.

Mom was finally able to break out the "for my granddaughter" box. She also gave us a portable bassinet, which was a relief to have something for the baby to sleep in.
The other day, my sweet friend, Katrina, called me up and told me that she wanted to throw me a shower. She is so kind. I requested that we make it a party without gifts, and she readily obliged me by making a note of it on the invitations. Well, my wonderful ward sisters wouldn't have any of that, and they so generously delivered. Thank you to everyone for your kindness!

Rayanne, in the pink shirt, provided the cute and delicious baby cake.

I am so sad that I didn't get a picture of me with Katrina!


The boys started the soccer season last month. This is Caden's third year of playing and Vance's first. We are so lucky to have Aunt Calee help coach Vance this year. He loves playing soccer with her! At his age, there are no teams. Caden's team is called the "Dark Knights," and though they haven't been very successful at the games, each of them seems to enjoy playing.

Vance working with Aunt Calee

I love the determined look on Caden's face.