Thursday, August 18, 2011

Caden's First Day of 3rd Grade

I can't believe how early Caden's home school is starting this year! We are just now finishing up his first week of school. The third grade curriculum seems to be a lot more involved than last year's. Caden seems to be most excited about learning French this year. For science, he has to keep a weather journal in which he records his observations from morning, midday, and evening each day for a few weeks. My favorite school moment from this week has to be when Caden and Vance worked side-by-side making Beaufort Wind Scales. Caden was so patient while teaching Vance what to do, and Vance was loving doing a big-boy school project. I appreciate Caden so much for just hopping back to work without complaints. Caden, you are an awesome boy and a super student!

Horton Hears a BBQ

Our friends (and Tev's co-worker) Dave and Paula invited us to their annual BBQ cook off this year. We had a great time, and the food was wonderful! The boys spent the entire time in the pool. I found a nice shady spot in which I set up "camp." It was nice to spend a relaxing afternoon with Tevye and the boys, and we enjoyed talking with friends. Thanks Dave and Paula!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Swim Class

This year, Vance was old enough to take swim lessons, so I put him in the same class as Caden. In the days leading up to swim lessons, all Vance would say about it was that he didn't want to go. He later told me that he was nervous about jumping off of the diving board like Caden did last summer. Once his first class was over, however, he did not complain one bit, but rather looked forward to going each day.I love Caden's happy face when he is in the pool.

Vance has mastered the art of using the pool noodles as a floatation device.

Last year, we made friends with the boy on the left, Matthew. He is right in between Caden and Vance's ages. It was so neat to see him again this year!

Pioneer Day

This year, we actually went to the ward party for Pioneer Day. Our day was a very busy one, packed full with running errands, so relaxing at the park that afternoon was refreshing.

The boys loved that watermelon was on the menu. Vance was very good at the sack race.

Even Tevye participated in the shoe-kick competition. I think he came in 2nd.

Then, it was time for the watermelon eating contest. Originally, the contest was meant to be for the adults, but nobody wanted to do it. So, they opened it up to the kids. Almost all of them wanted to participate. Caden was especially eager to do it, but Vance was off playing with his friend on the rocks. You can tell that Caden meant business by taking off his shirt to avoid the inevitable juice stains. At first,he started out with little nibbles. After about a minute of that, he switched to smashing-mode and just shoved it into his mouth. That technique proved to be a winner!

Caden with the first place ribbon!

It is nice that we can celebrate our pioneer heritage these days with friends, food, and games. I am so grateful for those who sacrificed physical and emotional comfort to pave the way for those who want to live the true gospel of Jesus Christ.