Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Have Been Good, Santa

Last Thursday, our family went to see Santa at Disneyland. What a fun trip! We were second in line to see the big guy, and the boys were so excited! Caden wanted to keep what he was going to ask for a secret from us, so when he talked to Santa, I tried my best to hear his request. Vance wants a firetruck, and Caden...well, he wants a robot. Not just any old robot. He wants a robot that "can control Mom and Dad." Who knew?

Vance really wanted to be in the Jedi show, and Caden did not, but they picked Caden to be in it! Vance was very sad. We were so happy for Caden! He fought Darth Vader, and he got to use the force on two stormtroopers.

Vance was so excited to see Tigger. "Tigger! Tigger," he shouted. Auntie Talicee spent the entire day with us, and Uncle Micah also hung out for a little bit. Then, we got to see him in the Christmas parade and Fantasmic.

We also saw Grammy at work leading the marching band and training a new guy. I love Disneyland at Christmas time. The castle is gorgeous with all its lights. Disneyland truly is magical at this time of year.