Saturday, October 3, 2009


At Mom's birthday, Caden had his first archery lesson from my brother Billy and Tevye. He hit the center of the target on his first try!

Our Soccer Star

Caden made the first goal at his first game. We later found out that he had no idea that he had scored a goal. He was just happy to have a chance to kick the ball. Doesn't he look cute in his uniform?

Caden in the First Grade

First day of school.
He is still enjoying it.

Un Templo en Concepcion!!!!

I was so excited to hear President Monson announce that a temple will be built in Concepcion, Chile! This is great news! Right now, there is only one temple in Chile (Santiago), and the members from our mission area had to travel very far to get there. I know that they are grateful for this blessing.