Monday, May 14, 2012

March Happenings

At the beginning of March, Vance's kindergarten class took a field trip to Fullerton College called "Kindercaminata."  The purpose was to inspire them to go to college, but the only thing that it inspired him to do was become a soldier, because the soldiers were there, too.  Thanks a lot.
He had a great time and was incredibly happy when I picked him up.  We loved his octopus.
"Vance, show me your cheek."

Danica started eating solid food on March 11th.  She was really mad when we started, because when she's hungry she doesn't want to wait for her food to reach her stomach.
Learning how to eat is a messy process! 
Getting used to the idea.
All better!

For St. Patrick's Day, I found a cute idea on a blog (I forgot which) to do a treasure hunt.  The boys had a fun time following the clues to their "pot of gold."
Hopefully, next year it won't rain so I can hide a clue or two outside.

Rick, Eden, Lincoln, and Logan came over for tacos.  The older boys played nicely with Legos the entire time.  Logan (we didn't get a picture of him) passed the time rearranging our kitchen supplies.  It was fun to see them.

I love that my boys look forward to General Conference.  Caden made name tags to mark where each of us were supposed to sit on the couch and left little candies for us, except for Danica who got toys instead.  As usual, I printed up little activity packets, and the boys colored in the apostles' ties and made balloon warriors.