Monday, August 31, 2009

Eventful August

August turned out to be very busy for us- two weddings and two weeks of vacation. Tev's sister, Michaela, was married on the 8th, and his brother, Micah, got married on the 22nd. Sandwiched in between those two events was a trip to the American River in Sacramento, one and a half weeks in Utah, and a drive up to Idaho. Tevye was only able to join us for the first week (of course, he wouldn't miss the river rafting) and the two weddings. My mom-in-law and sis-in-law (Talicee) stayed with Caden, Vance, and I for the entire vacation. We went to Education Week at BYU, did some sight-seeing in Salt Lake, and got to visit with some good friends. I loved that the boys did so well on the trip- Caden was such a trooper and so helpful! Vance tested my patience, but he was a good boy. I really enjoyed the pioneer town at the "This Is the Place" monument. The boys got to ride a train, dip candles, and make clay marbles. I got to test out our new camera. Education Week was also fun. Thanks to Kree and Talicee for sacraficing class time to watch the boys so I could go to some classes!!!!