Saturday, April 28, 2012

Valentine's Day

These flowers came late on Valentine's Day evening, but I didn't hear the door, so they actually didn't get put into water until the following day at lunch time.  Aren't they beautiful?  Attached was a note that said, "Sorry I can't be there.  Love you.  Tevye."  I really wasn't expecting anything, because he was out of town.  It was a nice surprise, and I ate that whole box of candy by the next day.

Monster Trucks 2012

Tevye, the boys, Calee, and Tony made the annual trek to monster trucks in February (I stayed home with Danica because Tevye didn’t get me a ticket- a communication error).Since I wasn’t there, I can’t say much about it other than everyone came back happy and energized.

Not So Free Fish

We all had a ton of fun at Caden’s first Blue and Gold dinner for Cub Scouts.  After the dinner and award program, the boys raced fish to see who could get their fish to the end of the rain gutter the fastest.  Caden’s fish was very stubborn and definitely did not win.  The plan of the people who were in charge was to let all the boys take home their fish.  Vance was excited and named his fish “Sharpie.”  That was when I knew we were in trouble.  Tevye tried our best to explain to the boys that a fish that small would quickly get eaten by the other fish in our tank, and we could not accept the fish.  Caden very maturely said it was okay, and gave his fish back.  Vance, however, broke into the saddest sobbing I have ever witnessed.  To shorten the story a little, we ended up talking him into giving the fish to Sister Williams to “babysit” it until it grew large enough, and the next day Tevye and the boys came back from the fish store with about $70 worth of fish (the fish that are big enough to survive in our aquarium are expensive, unfortunately).  So much for a free fish!

I thought for sure that someone would accidently skewer their fish with a straw.

Caden's fish was so stubborn that our friend, Jacob, tried to help him out.

My friend, Jen Cassida, holding Danica.

Eden's Birthday

We got to see Eden for a few hours on her birthday weekend, so we celebrated at taco night.  Eden has many admirable qualities- she is smart, organized, creative, pays attention to details (I wish I could throw fun children’s parties like she does!), and easy to talk with.  And, she's beautiful!  We love you, Eden!
She and Aunt Alice were able to meet Danica for the first time.  Caden and Vance were very happy to visit with them, too.

Bowers Museum

Back in January, Mom and I took the kids to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to see the Chinese clay warrior exhibit.I was so impressed with how well behaved the boys were and the amount of interest they showed in the exhibits.It was difficult for me to actually focus on the museum pieces, because I was constantly keeping an eye on Vance- just in case.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Space Danica

I love Adobe Photoshop, though I barely know how to use it. The other day, the boys turned her bouncey chair into a spaceship. Enhance the background, and there you go! "Space Danica."