Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been too busy to blog, so here is a little glimpse into our adventures:

Birthdays- The boys' and mine. Kree and David came down at the same time for Kree's knee surgery, so she was able to take us to Disneyland on Vance's birthday.Caden is finally tall enough to ride Indiana Jones at Disney.
Halloween- Caden made a perfect Harry Potter! Vance was a courageous knight.
We went to San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park for a CAVA (homeschool) field trip. This was an interesting bird day. A pigeon pecked Caden's leg, a bird swooped down and stole Vance's chicken strip off of his plate, and the lorakeets landed all over my mom to get the nectar in the little cups. The leg-pecking culprit.The chicken strip thief.The bird lady of Escondido (Mom)

Last Saturday, we went to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the Orange Empire Railway. This was a surprise for the boys, and they were very happy. Tevye and I enjoyed watching them have fun.

We have also been busy with soccer and Lego club!