Monday, July 19, 2010

Flooring Woes

Long story made short:

Ordered flooring from Home Depot about three weeks ago with a supposed 3-5 business day delivery.
Home Depot took way longer than 3-5 days.
Home Depot or UPS lost our floor.
Last Thursday, UPS brings flooring to our condo complex but says the truck doesn't have a lift gate, so they can't get the flooring off the truck.
Today, brings the flooring in the right type of truck but won't carry it upstairs.
Only option- put it in our carport where I am almost positive that it will be stolen.
Despite my great efforts, I break down and cry as I sign the delivery slip infront of the lazy UPS guy (he wasn't one of the guys that has delivered to our door before- they would have done their job right).

This brief account ommits all of the stupid calls that Tevye and I had with the two companies (mostly Tevye).

Moral of the story: Next time- Lowe's and Fed Ex