Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chinese Night

Just for fun, the boys and I had a "Chinese" night in January. Aunt Calee also dropped by, which added to the fun. We watched the above movies, ate chinese food, and tried to make fortune cookies (they didn't fold like they should have). It is probably the last time that I put Caden in charge of writing the fortunes for the cookies. Once we broke open the cookies, I realized why he excitedly asked me not to look at them as I put them into the cookies.

They read, "You shall let Caden play video games," and, "You shall let Dad play Monster Trucks." I love that his fortune cookie voice is so similar to Yoda's.

This was a fun activity to do with the boys, and I think we might go international again in the near future!

The Return of Me

Long story made short- we were pretty much sick throughout all of January. Thankfully, everyone seems to be healthy now, and I can catch up on some posts.